Volta's Brewed Coffee Menu

Great brewed coffee has lived in the shadows of espresso for way too long.

There's a zen simplicity to the perfect cup of coffee: freshly ground coffee, hot water, and a measure of time are all that you need. The result can be revelatory.

In Season Coffee

If you are going to take the time to brew coffee for people one cup at a time (uno alla volta, if you will...), why not use the best coffees available?

We serve in-season coffees from roasters all around the United States, including Wisconsin's Ruby Roasters, Maquina Roasters, Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago, British Colombia's Bows X Arrows, and many more. Coffees are served within the first two weeks of its roasting date in order to serve you the freshest coffee in town.

As new coffees come into season, you'll be surprised by the subtle differences: Chocolate-smooth Central Americans yield to spicy African selections, followed by classic South American origins.

Special Offerings

Whether it is a single bag of special Kenyan coffee sourced by Ruby's Jared Linzmeier, a Colombian auction lot from the Best of Narino competition, or a unique find from Geoff Watts and the buyers from Intelligentsia, we are always on the look-out for the best coffees, either directly from the farm or from auction. When the opportunity presents itself, Volta will feature one of these amazing coffees on our special offerings menu.