Ecco's Colombia Buenos Aires

[flickr-photo:id=5811441259,size=""]Finca Buenos Aires is something of a miracle coffee. The farm is located just outside of the small town of Nilo, in an area just now recovering from years of neglect thanks to Colombia's civil unrest. It is situated in the small department of Cudinamarca, north of the more famous coffee growing region of Huila-- not exactly a region known for producing specialty grade coffee. The coffees are grown in the foothills of a series of volcanos in a national park; the terrain is rugged and undeveloped. Single-track jeep trails wind up steep mountain sides, and the farms run wild under the cover of rain forest vegetation and banks of clouds. Unlike other regions with clearly delineated farms with neatly planted rows of coffees, the farms outside of Nilo are very small and draw upon both recently planted coffee and over-story fruit trees along with legacy coffee trees growing wild up and down the sides of the mountain trails.

Farmer Carlos Vargas is undertaking a herculean task of producing amazing coffees under very difficult situations: unusually heavy rains, almost no infrastructure, and crazy single-track trails in and out of the farm.

Amber Fox, writing about the farm, notes "the well-being of the environment and the workers are intrinsic to the approach Carlos Vargas takes to sustainability and further improving quality, and the results of his holistic approach sing in the cup."

The coffee is a bit wild, like the farm itself: dark red berry notes under layers of tobacco and cinnamon, but it picks up the flavors of mulled red wine as it cools. Ecco describes it as juicy pineapple and citrus with florals and red fruit flavors as it cools.

The coffee from Finca Buenos Aires is also of very limited supply-- Ecco was only able to purchase 7 bags of green coffee from Vargas this year. Try it soon, because it will be another year before coffee from this farm will be available again.