Make coffee, see the world.

2016 was a great year for Volta's staff to get exposure to the larger coffee world. In the spring William and Maddison were able to travel to Atlanta for the US Barista Championships and the SCAA Event. In the fall Dina and Faith traveled to Chicago to work with Intelligentsia on a prototype single origin espresso program, then continue on to visit with our primary roasting partner Ruby in rural Wisconsin. Anthony traveled to Colombia to judge in the Mejor de Narino/Best of Narino coffee competition, and then successfully landed three of the top 20 coffees for the shop, including the 2nd place coffee. Finally, baristas Jessica and Lyana accompanied Anthony to El Salvador to participate in Perfect Daily Grind's Micro Festival El Salvador, a project to bring Salvadoran farmers together will exporters, roasters from around the world, and the baristas that serve their coffee. In addition to experiencing the entire harvest process, our baristas led a workshop to show farmers and coffee workers how we serve their coffees in our shop. We finished our time in El Salvador by closing the coffee production loop: Jessica, Lyana, and Anthony were able to cup just-harvested coffees from Finca Talnamica with farm owner Hermann Mendez, Ruby's Jared Linzmeier, and the staff from the wet mill at Sicafe.

You can find out more about Team Volta's role in the El Salvador festival over at Perfect Daily Grind.