New Teas: Chinese Golden Needles and Japanese Maccha Tea Service

Our black tea offerings have drawn down to a very low level while we try to arrange a new supply of Assam and Darjeeling teas. Doug Palas, the Intelligentsia tea buyer, called last month raving about a new Chinese black tea that he felt was the best example on the market to date: a new crop Yunnan Golden Needle tea. He promised that it would not be cheap, but it would be worth it. I was skeptical when the sample arrived, but the entire staff was blown away when we finally brewed a pot for a staff tasting. The tea is golden yellow when dry, and the resulting tea is a burnished copper not unlike a first flush Darjeeling. It is without a doubt the sweetest black tea that I've ever tried. We are currently serving Golden Needles.

We are also working to train the staff in traditional Japanese Maccha tea service. Working with a Canadian company called Jagasilk, we are using traditional tea service tools to craft an amazing organic maccha that is wonderfully sweet and nutty. We will be offering both koicha and usucha, with the koicha being used as the base for an 8oz maccha latte. We will be offering maccha on the menu as soon as all of the barista are trained in the tea service; until then, it is available when you see Anthony, Ali, Sarah, Camila, or Sam working the bar. The maccha tea service is very labor intensive and the high grade of maccha that we use costs $40 for a 40g tin. Please allow 15 minutes for your maccha to be prepared; the usucha costs $3.50, the koicha latte $4.75.


What about the macchaccinos?

Technically, the maccha latte is a macchaccino...